good.bee Credit (GBC) is a non-banking financial institution (NFI), founded in October 2009. Currently it represents the partnership between good.bee Holding GmBH (99.995%) and Erste Bank Beteiligungen GmBH (0.0005 %). GBC is subject to the specific legislation and regulations issues by and under the supervision of the National Bank of Romania.  

good.bee Holding GmbH ( is the financial inclusion tool of the Erste Group (60%) and the ERSTE Foundation (40%). Founded in 2008 by the ERSTE Foundation and the Erste Group, its main task is to develop innovative solutions that break the financial inclusion barriers for individuals and small enterprises from Central and Eastern Europe, by expanding adequate and competent financial services to social enterprises and disadvantaged individuals. 

Throughout the almost 200 years of existence, the Erste Group has constantly maintained a significant social component in its activities. The simple fact that the largest shareholder within the Erste Group was and continues to be ERSTE Foundation proves that this character is being preserved.