Success stories


good.bee Credit targets especially small entrepreneurs skilled householders in rural and small urban areas that wish to develop their income-generating economic activities. They need quick and easy access to financing, adapted to the economic conditions in their field of activity and environment. These are the reasons for which we constantly adjust our activity to our clients’ needs, along these lines: simpler loan-accessing documentation, promptness in receiving the financing request and drafting the loan file, quick analysing of the request notifications regarding the financing or rejection decision, flexible repayment schedule according to the activity carried out by the entrepreneur client (in what concerns the level of instalments and the grace period), mixed material guarantees accepted depending on the required amount and period.

We also reach out to another category of clients that have a more difficult or no access to financial products and services offered by regular commercial banks. This category of clients is considered non-bankable, as they cannot meet the standard bank loan conditions. Through our activity, we aim at overcoming these reasons and limitations of traditional banks, by a broader specialisation in the field of economic activities carried out particularly in the rural and small urban areas.

Our clients are farmers, self-employed persons (PFA), individual and family enterprises, but also limited liability companies. As for the actual activities carried out by our clients, the only limitations are those enforced by law. 


Ioan Campian, sheep breeder and President of the Association of Sheep Breeders in Bistrița Năsăud County: “After being granted a second loan in March 2015, I managed to complete the construction of the shelter and the grace period helped me overcome the austerity of winter. I appreciated the quick and polite approach, the respect and kindness of the loan officer and I recommend good.bee Credit for their consideration. Moreover, they adapt to every situation and the analysis and granting of a loan is simple and doesn’t last long.”

Daniel Vaida, farmer, Baia Mare is one of the return clients of GBC. With five GBC loans accessed until this moment, Vaida Daniel started his activity with 58-60 ha, currently farming on 130 ha. “Thanks to the loans I contracted so far, I purchased the equipment: tractor, cesspool emptier, forage harvester, and we managed to increase the surface by a great deal. In the future we would like to maintain the tendency of increasing the rented area, with the aid of another loan and to also develop the farm, so it would be more complex. What I appreciated most about GBC is your professionalism and the fact that you are close to us. You want to see beyond what is written on papers, you want to see and understand our reality and that is why you give us very useful advice that really makes a difference. I would recommend GBC services without any second thoughts, because they have been a helping hand for me, owing a part of our progress to these services. The only requirement for succeeding is that there is a minimum chance of success, no matter the plan.

Melania Borseanu, livestock breeder, Alba Iulia, “The GBC loan helped us a lot. We bought sheep and we are now the proud owners of a top quality winter shelter and we also increased our profit. In the future we want to carry out a project and to help our son, who is now helping us with the sheep, to develop his own business. GBC has always helped us and that is why I tell everybody how I acted and recommend you.” 

Cătălin Ianculescu, representative of Agro Horticola, Alba Iulia: “I appreciate GBC because we are always informed and advised in various issues that may arise. In addition, you are very quick, the guarantees and costs are approachable, and the documentation is relatively limited.”  

Petre Porojan, Plopșoru locality, Daia commune, Giurgiu County: “The good.bee loan helped me a lot, I purchased the fences, I also bought 20 goats and I started what is called a rational pasturage for my goats. The most important thing for me was the way that good.bee Credit treats people- as equals. I would recommend a good.bee loan for a small/medium investment especially for the reliability and efficiency of their services.”

Success Stories

Petre Porojan, Plopsoru locality, Daia Commune, Giurgiu County

Walking through Daia Commune in Giurgiu County, one can see in the yard of a neat household a small shop that sells goat cheese. It is the small business of Petre Porojan, which is actually much more complex than that small shop you see on the main street. Talking to Petre you find out about his small goat farm and his great development plans. Petre is not only a passionate householder and a good entrepreneur, but he is also a veterinary technician, an ability that helps him daily in his small business. Because he knows very well what he is doing and what he needs to do more, he turned to GBC: to expand his farm he purchased in addition to his 130 goats, 20 more, and in order to adapt to the new context he also purchased wood to enclose his 10 ha pasture. After less than a year he accessed another loan to purchase a plough tractor that would streamline his work.

“The loan I accessed helped me bring my business to the next level. I avoided the uncertainty of how and what my goats were eating, by buying the fences and starting what can be called rational pasturage. In addition, I planted some black grass, from which I will benefit this year. To have a larger production, I added some fertilizer and I bought 20 more goats that ensured my profit. Now, after I finished my first investment, I think of the future. I need 15-20 ha to give forage supplement to the goats. Also, I want to buy a pig for my goat farm. The reason is simple: 25% of the pig’s food comes from the buttermilk resulted from goat cheese! All the accomplishments so far, but also the plans for the future have been possible with GBC’s help. Apart from financing, the most important thing for me was the relationship with the agent, the way the people are treated, as equals. I also appreciated the reliability and the fact that things were settled in a short amount of time. 

Therefore, I recommend a GBC loan for a small investment, be it a plough, a cow, a stable or seeds, but which could bring big results for a small householder.”

The development of the farm and of the business can only be a good sign for Petre and his customers. Who ever tasted goat cheese from Petre cannot help but become a faithful customer.