Investment loans are meant for the development plans of the activity, such as: the purchase of equipment and machinery, constructions, renovations or refurbishing of offices, storage or production spaces, purchase of livestock, purchase of agricultural lands etc.

Eligible Clients

Investment loans are accessible to all entrepreneurs from rural or small urban areas that carry out income-generating activities: large farmers, small farmers, self-employed persons (PFA), individual enterprises (II) and family enterprises (IF) or limited liability companies (SRL).

What are your advantages?

  • Maximum loan amount is 400.000 RON
  • Loan tenor up to 7 years
  • No need for down payment (personal funding)
  • In-advance repayment could be made in any working day
  • The guarantees are flexible according to the financed activities, but depending on the requested loan amount
  • The repayment schedule is flexible and according to the seasonality of the incomes
  • Up to 9 months grace period for the installments
  • No mortgage for loan amounts up to 90.000 RON
  • You can refinance loans from other financial institutions, in addition you can request supplementary amount